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The origin of “Fables”

If you’re like every other comic book reader in the aughts, you’ve been reading Bill Willingham’s “Fables” from Vertigo. He has managed to create a real masterpiece within the comic book industry. This is a comic that many treasure and won’t soon forget once it’s gone.

Willingham’s done a fantastic job taking these characters of lore, combining them with a compelling story, fantasy elements, and great art. Many of you may not realize that this isn’t the first time Bill Willingham has tackled these concepts. As he honed his craft, he made prior attempts to combine those same great elements. I now proudly present to you the true origin of “Fables”…

Hee hee. 🙂 Remember those Dungeons and Dragons ads from the back of comic books in the early 80’s? I used to love those ads! Believe it or not, this ad and several others were drawn by Bill Willingham. Personally, I find it really funny that the wizard and the fighter are clearly staring at the girl’s butt in second panel. You can view all of these old D&D ads at Das Ubernerd.

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