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Flash Week

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It’s FLASH WEEK here at Once Upon a Geek! I’ve been on the road quite a bit in the last two weeks (Tampa, Montgomery, and Nashville). Additionally, at the time this post is published I’ll be on the road to New Orleans. All this driving got me thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great to just run at super-speed to my destination, rather than wasting hours in a car?” Couple that with the recent news about “Flash: Rebirth” (more on that later this week) and I decided to dedicate a week to the fastest man alive!

The Flash is my #5 favorite comic book superhero of all time. I’ve always been fascinated with super-speed. Even as a child, when asked what super power I’d want I always picked super-speed. For me it was the running that attracted me to super-speed; not the ability to assemble a lego set in .04 seconds. Just being able to open up and haul butt at unbelievable speeds sounds so cool to me, even to this day! I still get a buzz when on an airplane as its speeding along the runway just before takeoff. I love that sense of pure acceleration!

I bought the occasional Flash comic book in my youth and enjoyed the episodes of the “Super Friends” that included him, but didn’t really start collecting the Flash comic book on a regular basis until 1992. Mark Waid’s run on the book is what really grabbed me. Ever since then, I’ve loved the characterization of Wally West as the Flash.

Pictured above are some of the various toys I’ve acquired over the years that are Flash related. My personal favorite is the Reverse-Flash figure that was a Toyfare exclusive based upon the Total Justice Flash mold. I came very close to buying the new Professor Zoom figure from Mattel’s DC Universe Infinite Heroes collection. I had it in my hand and was set to buy it, but then I really looked at the molding and paint job and decided it wasn’t worth it to me. So I bought “The Goonies” on DVD instead. I think I came out better with the DVD. Other figures of note above include the DC Direct PVC posed mini-figures from the Flash collection, JLA, and JSA collection. Then you’ve got the Tasmanian Devil as the Flash from some kids happy meal, some DC Direct figures, some Total Justice figures (included the evil hologram Flash from Grant Morrison’s fun on JLA), and more. It’s amazing the things you pick up over time.

More on the Flash to come this week…

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