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“Chuck” is coming back soon! CHUCK!!!

Chuck!If you know me, then you know I love the TV show “Chuck”.  I didn’t watch much TV last season, but I sure as hell didn’t miss an episode of “Chuck”.  Funny, action-oriented, clever, geeky, and a beautiful Australian blond.  That’s a recipe for awesome.

The good news is that the season premiere of “Chuck” airs on NBC on Monday, September 29.  Check out the official NBC website for details. The even better news is that the season premiere can be seen online a week earlier (Monday, September 22) on according to the “Chuck Online” fansite.

If you haven’t seen these already… check out these cool, yet subtle costumes from Dragon*Con that I saw this year.

Chuck - Buy More Sales team

Chuck - Buy More Sales Associate

If you need something to tide you over until the season premiere, you can watch older episodes of Chuck online through or Hulu.  Additionally, you can check out the “Chuck” comic book from Wildstorm (see an earlier post of mine for details).

Finally, here are a couple “Chuck” season two commercials to get you jazzed.

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