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TV Shows Worth Watching

Just a quick post today on some TV shows that I’m currently enjoying.  I don’t watch much television nowadays, but when I do these are what I’m watching… Doctor Who – Really enjoying the new season so far.  Matt Smith has far exceeded my expectations.  “Time of Angels” was fantastic!  Looking forward to the new […]


Chuck Season 3 Starts this Sunday!

Chuck season 3 starts this Sunday, January 10, on NBC!  It kicks off with a two-hour premiere from 9pm-11pm EST, then will return to it’s usual Monday 8pm time slot.  I can’t wait!  It’s been a long road getting here, but we’re finally in store for some Chuck-tacular adventure!  Below is an extended season 3 […]


The Final Frontier? No, just the 90s Star Trek CCG

After more than a decade in the attic, we decided to give the old Star Trek: The Next Generation collectible card game a try.  Ed’s in town this weekend (pictured below in his “Nerd Herd” t-shirt from the TV series Chuck) and he decided we should tackle the game again after all these years. After […]


Geek Links – 2009.10.13

I thought I would provide some links to funny and interesting things I’ve come across lately.  Some of these were sent to me by friends, others found on listservs, and some I just stumbled across.  Enjoy! Superhero Facebook Status Updates on Comics Alliance Spoiler pics from new Doctor Who including Matt Smith in David Tennant’s […]


Chuck vs. The Lack of a Third Season

NBC’s Chuck has not been picked up for a third season yet.  WTF?!?!  Seriously?!?!  Also, there are rumors that it might not get a third season based upon lackluster ratings.  Yikes!  A universe without Chuck scarcely bears thinking about. Josh Schwartz, executive producer and co-creator of Chuck, explained that the second-season finale (airing tonight) will change the show in […]


Geek Podcast Recommendations

Here are a few podcast recommendations for geeks everywhere… 2-in-1 SHOWCASE 2-in-1 Showcase episode #103 features Blake and Chase chatting about the king of the seven seas, DC’s Aquaman! The boys talk about the character’s various eras, best stories, how they’d fix him up and make him viable again, and why he gets less respect […]


Captain Awesome’s New Years Resolutions

Looking for some New Years Resolution ideas?  Why not try Captain Awesome’s suggestions! Here they are, stolen in their entirety from ‘Captain Awesome’s Tips for Being Awesome’ blog which you can read by clicking here. (… in case you don’t know, Captain Awesome is from the awesome NBC TV show ‘Chuck’.  geez, get with the […]


POLL RESULTS: ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’

A couple weeks ago I launched a poll asking people which TV show they preferred: ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’.  The theory I put forward was that I believed geeks watched either ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’, but not both. Well the people have voted, 115 people to be exact.   I wanted a good cross-section […]


POLL: ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’?

Which TV show do you prefer, ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’?  It seems to me that there are two camps of geek TV watchers this season.  After talking with a great number of people, I’ve noticed that geeks watch either ‘Chuck’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’, but not both.  I realize both airs at the same […]


Meet the Awesomes!

Some Chuck items for your Friday!  If you missed this weeks throw down between Yvonne Strahovski and Nicole Richie in the shower, you can catch it on – “Chuck vs. The Cougars”. I came across some other great Chuck-related resources this past week.  First up is the awesome fansite  It’s a really well done […]

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