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Doctor Who Classic Action Figures Finally Ship!

The Doctor Who Classic action figures from Character Options started shipping in mid-August.  Unfortunately, there were severe allocations to most retailers.  Therefore many of us have been stuck waiting for the second wave of figures to ship, even though we pre-ordered.  If you’ve ever ordered action figures before, then you know that subsequent waves (after the first one) are very unpredictable in regard to shipping dates.

For reference on the Doctor Who Classics action figures line, check out this post from May by clicking here.

I’m happy to report that I’ve just received my first “Classic” action figure.  I had to order pieces of the classic action figure line from three different retailers in order to ensure I got one of each.  I received my Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) action figure just last week!  Yay!  While the sixth Doctor isn’t necessarily my favorite, he is the chase figure from the case.  So all the other figures should be easier to acquire.  In fact, I had to order this sixth Doctor action figure from Forbidden Planet International in the UK, simply because everyone here in the States had sold out their pre-orders on the chase figure way early.

Here is a snapshot of my sixth Doctor figure and the packaging.

Classic Doctor Who Figure - Colin Baker

Here is a close-up shot of the Doctor himself.  There are some weird patterns showing in this picture as the camera flash shone through the plastic cover.

Colin Baker Close-up

I can’t wait to get the rest of my figures so I can build my K-1 Robot from Tom Baker’s first adventure.

Giant Robot

Finally, I’ve also recently picked up a few other Doctor Who figures worth mentioning.  Specifically, Captain Jack Harkness, Dalek Sec, and the Weeping Angel.  Really cool figures!

New Doctor Who Action Figures

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I receive the remainder of my Classic action figures soon!


6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Classic Action Figures Finally Ship!

  1. Curse you for making me covet!

    Now I =really= want to get one of those Colin Bakers before I go to Chicago TARDIS in November. And I want the rest of the figures, to make the robot.

    Thanks a lot, Shag… Thanks a lot. You are truly irredeemable.

  2. Anything to help bleed your wallet. 🙂

    Just know that I’m insanely jealous that you are going to TARDIS in Chicago. You bastard.


  3. Just to let you know, I’m sickly envious that you got the 6th Doctor because, while I just got the other seven figures today in the mail, I can’t build the bloody K-1 without 6! Do you have any idea what this does to my completist sensitivities??


  4. Rachel – LOL! Sorry to have poured salt on your wound. If it makes you feel better, the only figure I have so far is the 6th Doctor. I’m still waiting on my other seven figures. No telling how long I’ll have to wait with all the allocations.

    Maybe we could get our toys together and they could all gang up on the K-1. 🙂


  5. Gah, no wonder I couldn’t find the 6th Doctor. All I want is the Doctor figures, I can’t afford to buy the whole set. Funny enough I got 4 and 5 from the same place you got 6. I guess they’re sold out of him now. *grumble* Jealous!

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