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Go Watch “Free Enterprise” Right Now

Stop whatever the hell you are doing right now and go watch the movie, “Free Enterprise“.  At work right now?  Screw it. Tell them you’re violently ill and need to go home.  Already seen the movie?  Then you know what I’m talking about.  Go celebrate 10 years of this masterpiece!  Go watch it already!  Geez… […]


Wonder Woman – Why I Don’t Really Care

A recent post on my friend Erika’s blog, “I Don’t Read My Blog Either“, got me thinking about the character of Wonder Woman.  Quick aside before I get into WW, I gotta say that is a brilliant name for a blog!  Hats off to Erika on that! Here we go… I don’t think very highly […]


Best of DragonCon 2008 Costumes!

I’m closing out my DragonCon 2008 coverage with my favorite costume photos.  Some have been shown here previously, but they bear repeating.  To see all of my DragonCon photos, be sure to visit my Flickr page.  If you have a favorite costume that I left out, be sure to mention it in the comments. The […]


DragonCon Day 3 cont’d – Alcohol, Snake Eyes, Werewolves, and the Beastie Boys

SUNDAY continued After a relaxing day wandering the Dealer Room, Exhibitor Rooms, the Celebrity Walk of Fame, and the Art Show, it was time for THE UNIQUE GEEK annual dinner.  This is basically a chance for all those that participate in THE UNIQUE GEEK to get together and hang out.  It’s open to anyone who […]


DragonCon Day 3 – Michael Dorn, Michael Rosenbaum, and Firestorm

SUNDAY Sunday was a nice and easy day as compared to Saturday.  There weren’t a whole bunch of panels I was anxious to see that day, and ultimately ended up not attending any panels.  Instead I spent a whole bunch of time going through the Dealer Room’s, Exhibitor Room, the Celebrity Walk of Fame, and taking […]


Sorry, no post today…

Exhaustion triumphed over me last night.  Getting 3 hours of sleep for several days in a row finally caught up with me.  I passed out rocking my daughter to sleep last night.  I usually write all my posts VERY late at night and schedule them for the next morning. Come back next week for my recap […]


DragonCon Pictures Now Online

Hey gang – Over 400 of my DragonCon 2008 pictures are now online!  You can view them on my Flickr account, “Once Upon a Geek”, in the set labeled “DragonCon 2008″.  Or simply visit the site by clicking here.  You can download these to your computer in a variety of sizes; most go as big as 1280×960.   Additionally, you can […]


DragonCon Day 2 – The Days Are Just Packed

SATURDAY As I write this blog entry, I’m realizing just how seriously crammed-full Saturday was.  What a blast of a day! We survived the night packed like sardines in our room.  There was myself, Serv, Race, Jon, Ravenface, and Shockwave all sharing “Harvey Dent’s Room”.  It was a little cramped. After showers, Jon, Race, and […]


I Survived DragonCon

The good news is that I survived DragonCon.  The bad news is that I’m having trouble re-acclimatizing to regular life.  After being completely immersed in geekdom for four straight days, it’s a little hard to suddenly be transported from the wild to “civilized” society. I had a fantastic time!  This was definitely one of the […]

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