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Best of DragonCon 2008 Costumes!

I’m closing out my DragonCon 2008 coverage with my favorite costume photos.  Some have been shown here previously, but they bear repeating.  To see all of my DragonCon photos, be sure to visit my Flickr page.  If you have a favorite costume that I left out, be sure to mention it in the comments.

The Iron Man suits were definitely the coolest overall costumes at the con. Simply breathtaking.

Iron Man suits

Axl wins as the most subtle yet effective costume at the con. This guy was in character too!  He made a comment that the “Chinese Democracy” album would be out really soon.  Too funny!

Axl Rose

This “Iron Man” was hilarious and very unexpected.  Definitely the funniest costume at the con.

Iron Man!

Quite a few people were talking about the Convention Vixens.  Here is “Erotic Hypnotic” from that group.  You can find more on the ConVixens by clicking here.

Erotic Hypnotic from Convention Vixens

Lego Fett was amazing!  Very creative (and time consuming I imagine)!

Lego Fett

A very funny and creative costume if you’ve seen the movie “Hancock”.

Hancock prisoners

Here is a great Doctor Who-related costume.  It’s from the VERY creepy episode “Blink” in which statues come to life.

Weeping Angels

An impressive Supergirl.

An impressive Supergirl

Another fantastic and unexpected costume.  The Yip Yip guy was great the way he moved his mouth!

Yip Yip from Sesame Street

I saw two different guys as Jack Knight’s Starman this year.  This jacket was really cool. Well done!

Starman Jacket

Another funny costume.  This one comes from the movie “Shrek”.

Gingerbread Man

Surrounding Cobra Commander with hot chicks was a stroke of brilliance!  Hail Cobra and his Hiss Ho’s!

Cobra Commander and his Cobra Hos

A creative idea turning a nice suburban family from the 1950s into zombies.

1950s Zombie Family

There were a few groups of Ghostbusters this year, but these guys are friends of mine.  They worked really hard on their proton packs and they turned out amazing!


The sexy stewardesses

Sexy Stews

Just because I love the TV show “Chuck” so much, the “Buy More” staff!  Subtle costume, but smart.

Chuck Buy More Team

The arms on this Doctor Octopus were really impressive.

Doctor Octopus

The whole Hogwarts bad-girl thing was huge this year.  Understandably.

Hermione after dark

I have no idea what it’s supposed to be, but it looks friggin’ cool (and is insanely tall).

Santa Skull

And for you fans of the Star Wars Lego game…

Lego Cantina Band


22 thoughts on “Best of DragonCon 2008 Costumes!

  1. I have no idea what it’s supposed to be, but it looks friggin’ cool (and is insanely tall).

    I think this is the Discworld’s Death as the Hogfather, from Pratchett’s book Hogfather. (Summary: The Discworld’s Santa-analogue is kidnapped; Death’s daughter investigates the matter, while Death tries to fill his shoes to save Hogswatchnight for everyone.)

  2. You omitted all the hot, almost naked Spartan men who were walking around all weekend. YOUR LIST IS FAIL.

  3. In response to your earlier post about awesome 80’s cartoons – did you see that there were a couple of Jem’s and She-Ra’s skirting about the Con this year?

    OK, I’m not completely innocent in my observations (I was one of the She-Ra’s), but I thought you might be interested. ;o)

  4. SM-Matrix – Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I missed Jem & She-Ra this year. I’ve seen a Jem in previous years, but not this time.

    I guess with 30,000+ people, I was bound to miss a few. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the comment. You must have had a great time taking the pictures, and they are all great, keep on whit your blog it rocks.
    wish u luck
    Identidad Geek (geek identity)

  6. I’m glad you liked our “post-nuclear family” 1950’s zombies. That was a very fun costume and aside from the make up, it’s fairly easy to do. I hope you had fun at D*C 09. I know our zombie family did! 🙂

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