Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some Halloween costume ideas!  All of these costumes could be made by you at home with a little time and effort.  These pictures were taken by me at DragonCon over the past few years.  Some of these pictures have been featured previously here at ONCE UPON A GEEK, but they merit being shown again for Halloween ideas.

A brilliantly funny take on “Iron Man”

Iron Man

Ladies… you can pretty much pick any sexy-looking thing out of your closet and just call it a costume.  No guy is going to argue with you.


A few white cardboard boxes + scissors + tape + black marker = Genius Cardboard Stormtroopers!

Cardboard Troopers

Lego’s and patience are required to make “Lego Fett”

Lego Fett

Red Bathing Suit/Underwear + Blue Wig = Sexy version of Thing 1 & 2 from “Cat in the Hat”

Thing 1 & 2

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Costumes!

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Hancock Prisoner costume!  Very clever!

Hancock Prisoners

Death from Sandman.  Easy and subtle costume.


Be creative, just don’t expect to always roll a Natural 20.

20 Sided Die

Got a Pirate Flag?  Then you’ve got a costume!

Jolly Roger Girls

Axl Rose!  Mimicking a celebrity can be fun!

Axl Rose

Indiana Jones and friends.  Fairly simple, but immediately recognizable.

Indiana Jones

Build yourself a Wii!  Be your own plaything.  :)


Duct Tape… check!  You’re done!

Duct Tape Girl

1950s Zombie Family!  Easy and the whole family can play along.

1950s Zombie Family

Life-sized Tetris!


The All-Spark from Transformers. Subtle, but smart.

Transformers All Spark

Sometimes a costume is as easy as just wearing underwear; like this Droog from Clockwork Orange.


Pac-Man Fever!


Funny hats and lots of alcohol are all that’s required for Devo!



Trick or Treat!

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22 Responses to “Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. rick Says:

    Great costumes. Anything made from corrugated cardboard is awesome in my book.

  2. rob! Says:

    the Duct Tape Girl actually went to a con dressed like that? that takes guts!

  3. Erika Says:

    I can’t afford the amount of duct tape I’d need.

  4. Stuart Renton Says:

    How I laughed at Iron Man – that was really clever.

    And to Erika: I’ve got some half-chewed red duct tape that Zachary (my dog) nibbled on for a half hour. It’s yours if you take the pics :)

  5. Todd Elliott Says:

    You gotta love scantily clad women. You’re a dirtier older man than me.

  6. Martini Says:

    I am so glad Bill & Ted are still considered cool. Totally underrated.

  7. Ash Says:

    These aren’t Halloween costumes, they’re from DragonCon in Atlanta…

  8. Tamal Anwar Says:

    Those are really cool. IRON MAN was cool, lego, wii, pacman, tetris was one of my favorite. Loved all of those sexy collections but not the “duct tape”

  9. JoblessPunk Says:

    haha <3 the costumes!

  10. ouch! Says:

    that duct tape girl:

    i think that removing the bottom part can do lot of pain…

  11. SteOnTheTube Says:

    good effort people! just stumbled upon this…i live in the UK

  12. Geek Culture! Halloween-Geek Style | Platform Nation Says:

    […] Throw a costume party. Require that all guests come as either as a video game, superhero, or movie. This blog entry has some great, and hilarious, ideas. […]

  13. Rob Marx Says:

    This really is terrific, my son loves star wars lego and nearly always annoying me about it – your site has solved many of my doubts. Time for lots more browsing!

  14. Halloween Costumes Says:

    These are super funny! The Hancock Prisoner costume cracks me up! I love the Pac Man costume. That is really cool. I have not seen that one before!

  15. Kids Costumes Says:

    I love the costumes that the women are wearing, but those are barely costumes. Anyway, they keep getting better year after year. Axel Rocks!

  16. Green Lantern Costume Fiend Says:

    Great collection of costumes! Need more superheroes though! Although Iron Man was very funny…

  17. Alexa B Says:

    Loved the Hancock prisoner costume! What a creative idea! These are all great. Glad I found your site. Feel free to visit mine as well!

  18. Mark Says:

    The guy wearing the AXL ROSE COSTUME…you can find his tattoos (temporary Axl Rose replica tattoos) here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BamaSpyder

  19. leeran Says:

    @erica -> nice knowing that :) good for you! :)

  20. Ruby Says:

    So the default costume for females is “wear something slutty and call it a costume, nobody will argue”. Excellent.

  21. Shag Says:

    @Ruby – That’s not the default, it’s just an option available.

  22. Dr. Obvious Says:

    Why the fuck is every girl in here like half naked? Seriously.

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