List Week: Top 10 Worst Superheroes & Uses for ‘McCain-Palin’ Signs

List WeekToday’s list comes from my buddies over at Old-Wizard.com and is ‘Top 10 Worst Superheroes‘.  While I don’t agree with some of the choices on this list (i.e. Aquaman, Blue Beetle, and Thing), I do find their superhero comments rather funny.

Click here for the ‘Top 10 Worst Superheroes‘.  Thankfully, they were sure to include the Sentry.

Oh yeah, you one more since it’s election day. From Pink Raygun.com, click here for the ‘Top 10 Uses for McCain-Palin Signs‘.  Enjoy!

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6 Responses to “List Week: Top 10 Worst Superheroes & Uses for ‘McCain-Palin’ Signs”

  1. 44 Says:

    McCain-Palin sign list was priceless, loved #’s 4 and 5, thanks dude and don’t forget to vote!

  2. Erika Says:

    I will not tolerate any dissing of Robin!

  3. Shag Says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Erika – Good catch. Robin also doesn’t belong on that list.

    Serv – #5 was my absolute favorite. It made the whole list worth it.


  4. Stuart Renton Says:

    Sorry, but Robin totally deserves to be up there…

    It’s probably the tights that should stick him in the number one slot!

  5. natcat3000 Says:

    are you kidding ribin is my HERO, hes not just some kid in tights, every other super hero wears spandex why diss him about it? lmao

  6. natcat3000 Says:

    robin*..srry lol

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