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Will the Sentry die during the Siege crossover from Marvel Comics?

Dark Avengers #14 is scheduled to ship on February 17, 2010.  The cover here suggests the character known as the Sentry may perish. Here is the promotional blurb from Marvel Comics about this issue: The secrets of the Sentry are revealed but is it too late?  Is this a hero reborn or a eulogy?  The […]


All I Want for X-Mas is… the Sentry Dead

Okay, I’ve shared my thoughts on the Sentry here before.  You can read them by clicking here.  However, hope was renewed when I saw the cover of the upcoming Punisher #1. While I don’t truly believe they’ll kill the Sentry, you can’t fault a guy for hoping.


List Week: Top 10 Worst Superheroes & Uses for ‘McCain-Palin’ Signs

Today’s list comes from my buddies over at and is ‘Top 10 Worst Superheroes‘.  While I don’t agree with some of the choices on this list (i.e. Aquaman, Blue Beetle, and Thing), I do find their superhero comments rather funny. Click here for the ‘Top 10 Worst Superheroes‘.  Thankfully, they were sure to include […]


Guarding the Marvel Universe: Sentry Must Go

I try to be positive and encouraging in my blog, rather than negative and pessimistic.  However, there are a few things that simply bother the heck out of me.  One such thing is the Marvel Comics superhero named “The Sentry“, the golden guardian of good with the power of one million exploding suns.  Goodness gracious, […]


Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes of All Time

Check out this fun list of the “Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes of All Time” put together by the folks at  While I may not agree with every pick of theirs, I’m a sucker for these kinds of lists.  Lots of fun. Just to give you a teaser, the guy on the right is #6 […]

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