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POLL: Which Star Trek TV Series is Your Favorite?

Star Trek LogoWhich Star Trek TV series is your favorite?  With all the excitement of the new movie coming up, I thought it might be interesting to see which series gets voted most popular.  There are over 75 votes in the poll already, so let’s see how many we can get all together.  I’ll let this poll run for a couple more weeks.

Please take a moment to answer the poll in the right-hand sidebar of this page. If you are reading this on LiveJournal, Facebook, an RSS feeder, or elsewhere, please visit the main site for my blog, to answer the poll question. Also, feel free to post comments explaining why you are a fan of one or the other.

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5 thoughts on “POLL: Which Star Trek TV Series is Your Favorite?

  1. Tough poll, but I had to go TOS. Something about the way they did the stories and effects and just everything about that show…just awesome.

  2. An INTREPID vote for ENTERPRISE! TOS looked hokey, TNG WAS hokey, with too much feel-good soul-hugging and pounding down moral messages and over-acting hysterics from Picard anytime something attacked his mind, Deep Sleep Nine was poor, a bore, a chore, The Seven-of-Nine show wasn’t much better, the Animated Series is just as painful to watch as most older children’s shows are, and Enterprise has the lackluster Scott Backula, who at least has found a more commanding role than Time Leap. Enterprise avoids the mistake of the movie by not having a drunken aeromechanic building his rocketship to the Mooooon. Strangely, TOS episodes which seemed boring (and not all of them were) seem great with the new CGI effects. I looked forward with excitement to watching the souped TOS, before the networks put it on God-awful hours of the day. This poll thing isn’t accepting my vote. Fine, because I’m splitting my vote btw Enterprise and the remastered TOS.

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