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New Year’s Evil

Today is New Year’s Eve, and DC Comics is about to start their ‘Faces of Evil’ books in January… Therefore, I proudly present the ‘New Year’s Evil’ covers from a decade ago. ‘New Year’s Evil‘ was a series of eight one-shot specials released in late 1997 (regardless of what you read on the internet I’m […]


Christmas at the Irredeemable Household

All in all, it was a good Christmas.  The kids woke up to a nice haul on Christmas morning and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.  We also visited with some in-laws that came by, and that seemed to go well.  On the whole, it was an enjoyable day with less stress than expected. I […]


The Best Way to Spend $5.50 at Target…

The Best Way to Spend $5.50 at Target…


Happy Boxing Day ~ Comic Book Style


Christmas with the Super-Heroes Part 2 – Presents Galore

Merry Christmas!  To help keep you in the spirit of things, please enjoy these Christmas-related comic book covers. To see yesterday’s Santa Claus comic book covers click here.  Merry Geekmas! Merry Geekmas!


Christmas with the Super-Heroes Part 1 – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We here at ONCE UPON A GEEK wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas Eve!  To help celebrate, please enjoy these comic book covers featuring Santa Claus.  Come back tomorrow for even more Christmas-related covers. Crazy!  Who knew the Kryptonian and the Kringle were so tight?!?!? “Don’t worry, Batman, I got this end.  […]


‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ ~ My Son’s Thoughts (age 9)

This year I decided the whole family should watch It’s a Wonderful Life together.  I was the only one in the family that had seen the movie before.  As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the greatest holiday and “feel good” movies ever made. If you’ve never seen it, be sure to watch […]


Doctor Who Christmas Special

Only three days until the Doctor Who Christmas Special, “The Next Doctor”!  I can’t wait!  Here are the first couple minutes of the episode. And here is a fun holiday-related image I found at  It comes from SFX Magazine. Merry Geekmas!


MacGyver Monday!

You know you need it to start your Monday off right… See… now don’t you think your day will be that much easier?  Your welcome.  Click here if you can’t see the embedded video.


Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Passes Away

Seriously sad news.  The First Lady of Star Trek, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, has passed away.  She played Nurse Chapel on the original series, Lwaxana Troi (Deanna Troi’s crazy mother) on Next Generation, the voice of the starship computer on EVERY Star Trek series… and most importantly she was the love of Gene Roddenberry’s life (the creator […]

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