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Once Upon a Geek’s 1st Birthday!

ONCE UPON A GEEK is one year old today! Hard to believe it’s been a whole year!  The site went live on March 31, 2008 with a simple “Welcome and Introductions” post.  Originally it was an experiment to try and understand what blogging was all about. At the time I didn’t really think I’d be […]


Mother Goose & Grimm – Superhero Strips

My nine year old step-son has been saving me some superhero-related comic strips from the Sunday paper.  Very thoughtful and kind of him.  Here are two recent Mother Goose & Grimm strips. You can read Mother Goose & Grimm online by clicking here.


Twitter is Good for Something – Matt Sturges Autograph

Matt Sturges (writer of comics such as Jack of Fables, Shadowpact, House of Mystery, and Blue Beetle) frequently holds contests via Twitter.  He held one a few weeks ago asking people to send him their favorite quote from his Blue Beetle run.  I sent him the quote, “Consider yourselves defeated. And nerds of the Earth, […]


Saturday Morning Cartoons – 1985 NBC Ad

Saturday Morning Cartoons… aaaahhhh, a magical weekly event for us growing up.  Sadly, the current generation of children will never know the joy of Saturday morning cartoons.  They’re spoiled by 24-hour access to cartoons on television and DVD.  They don’t understand how limited our cartoon options were back then.   They’ll never appreciate the excitement and […]


New Action Figures and T-Shirt

I picked up some new action figures recently.  From the DC Direct Justice League International line, I picked up Black Canary and Ice.  I’ve got Fire on order, but she’s not due for a while.  This will help me fill out my DC Direct JLA collection of figures.  I’m one of the few people that […]


Ookla the Mok – Great Nerd Rock

The name ‘Ookla the Mok‘ may conjure images in your mind of Thundarr’s faithful sidekick.  However, it should make you think of great music!   I’ve posted here before about the band Ookla the Mok.  If you still haven’t tried them, you are really missing out.  If you enjoy the kinds of things I post here, […]


Watchmen: ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’ and ‘Under the Hood’ on DVD Tuesday

The Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter animated DVD is scheduled for release this coming Tuesday, March 24!  Also on the DVD will be Under the Hood, a live action adaptation of the original Nite Owl’s autobiography!  Hot dog! To watch the trailer for either, click here and then select Tales of the Black Freighter. […]


‘Runners’ Comic Book – NOW FREE ONLINE!

Back in July 2008 I praised the trade paperback, Runners: Bad Goods.  Since then, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next chapter.  Unfortunately, due to the publisher restructuring, the second volume was never released.  The good news is the creator/writer/artist, Sean Wang, is now giving it away for free to everyone! Runners will now be available […]


And in Other Idiotic News… Sci-Fi Channel is changing their name to Syfy

The Sci-Fi Channel is changing their name to “Syfy” on July 7.  Yeah, I know.  WTF?!?! Apparently they think the name “Syfy” is cooler, much more cutting-edge, and much hipper.  Essentially they believe it’s more marketable.  According to one source, Sci-Fi Channel has been attempting to distance themselves from the term “Science Fiction” for years […]


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from ONCE UPON A GEEK!

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