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May 2009 Comic Preview

Over the last year, a few people have suggested I do a regular feature on upcoming comic books.  While I love the idea of sharing my commentary on upcoming projects, typing all the things in my head would likely break my keyboard (and my fingers).  So instead, I once again teamed-up with Michael Bailey to record a preview of upcoming comics for THE UNIQUE GEEK.  To be specific, comics shipping in May 2009.

Michael Bailey is the host of the wonderful Views from the Longbox podcast and the author of the fantastic Fortress of Baileytude blog.  In a fit of insanity, Mike was kind enough to give me a semi-regular co-host spot on his podcast a while back. So you may have heard some of our banter in the past.  This is more of the same, but with a focus on upcoming books.

Mike and I chatted for well over an hour about the comics shipping in May 2009.  We covered DC and Marvel in great depth, and then touch on several independent companies.  We talk about what to buy, and what not to buy.  If you enjoy the episodes of VIEWS FROM THE LONGBOX featuring both of us, or are just curious about what is coming out next month, then check out this podcast. We think you’ll like it.

You can listen to it right on THE UNIQUE GEEK website, or download it from the same place.  Enjoy!

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