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Chuck vs. The Lack of a Third Season

NBC’s Chuck has not been picked up for a third season yet.  WTF?!?!  Seriously?!?!  Also, there are rumors that it might not get a third season based upon lackluster ratings.  Yikes!  A universe without Chuck scarcely bears thinking about.

Josh Schwartz, executive producer and co-creator of Chuck, explained that the second-season finale (airing tonight) will change the show in a way that will satisfy viewers whether the show is picked up for a third season or not.  Schwartz said, “This is our finale. This would be our finale whether we knew we were picked up, whether … we were picked up for next year or five years. This is what we’ve been wanting to do for a while, and we’ve had this planned since the beginning of season one.”  He continued, “It will end in a way that’s going to launch the show into season three with a real-it’s a game-changer. I think that it’ll be immensely satisfying in its own right, but it also really, really launches the show in a way that, you know, we’re already breaking season three stories and can’t wait to start telling them.”  For more, click here to read the story on Sci-Fi wire.

Before I knew Chuck hadn’t been picked up yet, I’d already started to suspect.  With the recent storylines (i.e. Chuck and Sarah, Orion, status of the Intersect in Chuck’s head, Captain Awesome, etc), it really seems like the show is changing in a big way.  In some ways, it felt like they were wrapping up every dangling subplot.  That’s when I first began to suspect the show might not be coming back.

I sincerely hope the show gets another season.  If it doesn’t, I’m going to be really depressed.  Other than Doctor Who (and its spin-offs), I’m not watching much TV at all.  At the very least, we have an awesome season finale to look forward to tonight (trailer below).

4 thoughts on “Chuck vs. The Lack of a Third Season

  1. Yawn.

    Hmmm… no comments on the loss of this show for over a week. Looks like others agree it should be cancelled.

    Too bad. This show was… giit.. snort… g~r~e~a~t *said through clinched teeth and forced smile*

    It’s a real loss to television. Hon~es~t. *giit* (We need typing conventions for facial sarcasms. I hereby declare the tilda ~ as the equivalent of saying something through clinched teeth with a forced smile.)

  2. Honestly my family and I are quickly losing interest in Heroes. Chuck and 30 Rock are the only shows we watch on NBC regularly. Losing this show will most likely put a huge dent in your viewers as well as a hole in all of our hearts. The story is captivating and fun all the way through. We watch it as a family and enjoy talking about the plot and the characters. I created this account solely to plead our case and I have never done this before. PLEASE KEEP CHUCK ON THE AIR! Thank you

  3. Finally saw the season finale! Geeze Louise bring this show back. It never fails to satisfy. The rumour is that it may be coming back but on a different night. Does anyone watch television when it’s originally broadcast anymore? Just bring it back!

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