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Sherlock Holmes Trailer and 221B Baker Street Game

The trailer for the new Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes film has been released.

It’s definitely a different take on the legend. There is much more humor than one would normally associate with Sherlock Holmes, but I’m sure it will be good.

More importantly, this trailer has reminded me of one of my favorite board games growing up – 221B Baker Street.  This is a game Ravenface and I used to take very seriously during our youth.   Here is the description from

221B Baker Street – The Master Detective Game
A favorite for nearly 25 years, this game is a mystery classic. Enjoy 20 original Sherlock Holmes adventures, written especially for this game by mystery writers. In this game, each player dons the symbolic hat and pipe to assume the identity of the famous detective and see whose deductive powers are the best. Travel the streets of London on the gameboard, picking up clues as you go. Once you’ve cracked the case, return to Sherlock’ Holmes’ home address and reveal the mystery. It’s elementary! Includes gameboard, instructions, die, tokens, Scotland Yard cards, skeleton key cards, clue booklet and answer booklet, checklist pad and 20 original cases. For 2 to 6 players.

A truly fun and inspiring game.  The clues were clever and the mysteries kept you guessing. I’ve still got our original copy along with an updated (yet inferior) version of the game.  I’ll have to dig this game up and start playing with my 9 year old step-son.  However, I’ll be sure to teach him more ethical playing practices than I used to follow (… Hey pal, who wrote “War of the Worlds”?…  Why do you ask?… No reason… ).

7 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes Trailer and 221B Baker Street Game

  1. I certainly remember this game even if I never played it. And I did never play it. I want to play it! Call the Red Skull!!

    If there are 20 cases, does it mean the game can only be played 20 times without the cat being out of the bag? Or does each game have some variation (ala ‘Clue’ having the same characters, rooms, and weapons, but random in who wot did the dirty deed?)

  2. Holmes looks good–let’s hope its a reboot of the same order of Batman Begins, Casino Royale, and Star Trek.

  3. Ahhh, 221B Baker Street! Quite right, Shag, it’s an absolutely brilliant boardgame. I’ve spent many, many afternoons enjoying that particular game. It’s a lot of fun. And, as you noted, the original is still the best.

    As for the new film, it looks entertaining, but it also looks as if it has little or nothing to do with the Holmes and Watson that I know and love. I was very excited about the project until I saw the trailer, but I’ll reserve final judgment.

  4. Red Skull – I believe the 20 cases could really only be played once. There were also expansions. However, given our age, we certainly would have forgotten the details of each case after 20 games. We could have re-played a case and probably not remembered the solution.

    Rob – That would be awesome if it’s as good as the Batman, Bond, or Star Trek reboots. Right now I have my doubts.

    Dixon – I’m so glad someone else remembers playing this game. It was so much fun!

  5. The movie looks good! I’m not sure about Downey as Holmes, Jude Law looks like a pretty good Watson. I guess a S.H. who sleeps around?, is better than as a occasional opium user.

    That game actually had 9 sets of 20 cases, set 1 came with the game. You had to buy/ order 2 through 9. I have the game plus set 6, I also have an order form for the others that’s my info source.


  6. I am confident that your love for all things Sherlock will mean you will enjoy a new free to play online experience that launched yesterday called – the game is most definitely afoot!

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