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Irredeemable (the comic) #1 & #2 = GOOD!

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “E”, as in “Erika”.  Because Erika (from I Don’t Read My Blog Either) chastised me for not blogging about this sooner. You should be reading Irredeemable the comic book from BOOM! Studios!  What a fun ride!  Writer Mark Waid is really banging out an interesting story, […]


Gobots – Transformers Rip-Off or Childhood Favorite?

You decide… were Gobots simply a Transformers rip-off, or should Gobots be celebrated as a 1980s favorite? While I still enjoy the opening theme music, I always felt that GoBots was a poor mans version of Transformers.  That’s my two cents.  Feel free to disagree. This ad comes from DC Comics published with cover date […]


Star Trek… My thoughts

Howdy y’all!  Sorry I missed posting on Monday.  It’s another very busy week for me at work.  I’ll do my best to get some posts up this week, but please forgive me if I miss another day or two. My thoughts on the new STAR TREK movie (and yes, there are SPOILERS): HOLY CRAP, WHAT […]


Star Trek… FINALLY!

Thank goodness today is finally here!  I don’t think I could wait any longer!


REVIEW: X-Men the Animated Series on DVD

X-Men the Animated Series.  When recalling this series certain things automatically spring to mind: the opening credits, the drama, the action, the compelling stories, the mutant cameos, the cliffhangers… and much more I’m sure.  While the series wasn’t perfect, it was definitely one of the better comic book adapted cartoons. Just so we’re on the […]


… and the Gold!

Booster Gold advertisement that ran in DC Comics cover dated February 1986.  What a great series!


The Blue…

Blue Beetle advertisement that ran in DC Comics cover dated June 1986.  I love this Paris Cullins art!


Fun TV Show Mash-ups

Gonna be a light week. Work is extremely busy (lots of overtime) and I’m out of town on Thursday & Friday. Here are some really fun TV show opening credit mash-ups.  I got a kick out of these.  Be sure your speakers are turned on. If you can’t see the embedded video above, click here. […]


Swine Flew…

Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, swine flew through outer space as part of PIGS IN SPACE!  Gotcha!  After reading the subject line you thought this post was going to be about something relevant, newsworthy, and misspelled, didn’t you?  Enjoy this titanic meeting between the crew of the USS Swinetrek and the cast […]

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