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Infinity, Inc. Advertisement – 1984

Check out this ad for Infinity, Inc. from 1984!  Pretty cool!  If you aren’t familiar with this series, the heroes were the children of the Justice Society of America.  Several of these characters eventually graduated to the JSA team.  1980’s goodness!

3 thoughts on “Infinity, Inc. Advertisement – 1984

  1. God, I loved that book! I remember how excited I was when I saw them in All-Star Squadron.
    Good stuff.

  2. The first dozen issues or so were great. In #7, Power Girl takes on a hyp-mo-tized Superman, and Supes really doesn’t hold back. One of the best fight scenes in comics.

  3. Infinity Inc. is one of the many series from DC that I never knew existed until a few years ago. It seems like it would be right up my alley. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be hardly any stock of it in back issue and discount bins here in the Upstate, so I have never actually gotten my hands on any issues. Go figure.

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