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The Great Geek Roadtrip Detours to Metropolis

While cruising through Illinois on our 1,400 mile roadtrip, Serv and I spotted signs for the city of Metropolis.  I’d certainly heard of this mythical city, but never expected to have the opportunity to actually visit it.  We couldn’t resist the chance and made our detour.  I was surprised how different the city looked as compared to the images I’ve seen over the years.  Where were the skyscrapers, the waterfront, WGBS-TV, and the Daily Planet?  I guess the economy has hit everyone hard, even the city of Metropolis.

Here you see me and Serv with the Man of Steel himself!  Impressive statue.

What follows are a few around-town shots of Metropolis.  The Superman Museum… I love the term “Supernirs”!!!

I guess for a city as famous as Metropolis, I expected a bigger Chamber of Commerce.  I mean, c’mon, LexCorp alone should keep these folks busy.

When you’ve got Superman in your hometown, do you really need a fire department?

Serv and a local comic book store (connected to the museum).

Finally, Serv and I posed for some pictures.  I’m smiling because I’d never leave the house if my picture were real. 🙂

All in all, our short detour to Metropolis was well worth it.

7 thoughts on “The Great Geek Roadtrip Detours to Metropolis

  1. Hilarious! That’s one of those opportunities you just can’t pass by. I think it’s one of the “Rules of the Road Trip” that there has to be at least ONE detour. Good stuff, good pictures.

  2. Well it looks like you guys are having a good time. I agree with Christian, that would be a required detour and stop.

    Nice legs shag, and your mini skirt really brings out your…um…eyes?

  3. I think this is what road trips are all about – the random roadside stuff that you stop and see. I don’t want to read about the really great meal someone had at a fine restaurant in some big city. Gimme kitschy small-town stuff any day! Thanks for sharing.

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