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Lore (the irredeemable brother) Has Arrived

We’ve got a special treat today… I’m pleased to present today’s ONCE UPON A GEEK Special Correspondent, Lore (the irredeemable brother)!  That’s right, my brother.  Not exactly my evil twin (as the name might suggest to you Next-Gen-savvy folks), but close enough.  Today’s post is an opportunity for Lore to introduce himself to you readers…

Lore – that’s right – the first brother. Created in his father’s own image. The brother hell-bent on ruling the galaxy. The enlightened one. The more attractive one. The one they turn to when the script writing is a little shallow. The one they ask for when the Screen Actors Guild says they’ve exceeded their unique guest actor’s quota for the season. The guy they write in whenever Brent Spiner starts complaining about type-casting! The character they normally would’ve used Q for when the storyline called for the familiar omnipotent foe. The brother with the faster processing time and better sense of humor. The one Tasha Yar really wanted (and the geeks all moan as the space time continuum is violated because everyone knows Tasha was killed in season 1, and Lore didn’t appear until season 4. For crying out loud people, Denise Crosby wanted ME!). Lore, the one the next STNG movie will be about! (what? you think Spiner is signing up to be B-4?) That’s right. Lore, the irredeemable brother. The one who pops in, pops off and pops out. Lurking. Laughing. Ready to pounce as the good brother’s blogging foil, with a quick quip and a jaded sensibility. Blog away geeks, but know I’m within transporter range!

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