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Galactica 1980 – New Comic Mini-Series

Dynamite is releasing a new comic book mini-series this September based around the failed spin-off Galactica 1980.  Seriously?  Somebody, somewhere thought this was a good idea?  Galactica 1980 was the universally-despised sequel to the original Battlestar Galactica TV series.  The show lasted a whopping 10 episodes, while the original Battlestar Galactica lasted 21 episodes.  Writer […]


One Week Until Dragon*Con 2009!!!

One Week Until Dragon*Con 2009!!! ‘Nuff Said.


… And You Thought Your Office Was Bad…

You ever have a lousy day at the office?  Just remember, it could be worse… By Jonathan Coulton


Super Powers 25th Anniversary Crossover Was a Success!

In case you missed it yesterday, there was an awesome crossover between fourteen different blogs celebrating the 25th anniversary of Kenner’s Super Powers Collection.  In fact, it was so well received that other blogs joined in!  Check these sites out: Michael over at The Legion Omnicom jumped in with both feet and did his own […]


Super Powers Collection 25th Anniversary – Blog Crossover **UPDATED**

*** UPDATED WITH MORE LINKS *** CELEBRATING DOCTOR FATE (AND NEARLY BLUE DEVIL) IN THE SUPER POWERS COLLECTION! Fourteen different blogs have combined forces today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kenner’s Super Powers Collection! While we’ll be looking at Doctor Fate here (as well as the proposed Blue Devil figures), every other blog in […]


Cool Superman Hat

I saw someone wearing this cool Superman hat in the Atlanta airport this weekend.  It took all my self-control not to steal it from him. Looks like most online retailers are sold out, but here is the description of the hat from Superman Comic Strip Distressed Baseball Cap The cap is a “superfaded black” […]


Rare Star Wars Photos

These 1970s kids look like they’re on their way to a JCPenny Catalog photo-shoot.  Wait just a minute … take a second look. You can find this and other rare Star Wars photos over at Damn Cool Pics.  There are some funny ones too (see below).


DC Universe Puzzles from the Warner Bros. Store

Going through my closet recently, I came across these great puzzles from the Warner Bros. store featuring DC comic book characters. I really miss the Warner Bros. stores.  They were a fantastic source for some really unique DC collectibles. The first one — Heroes of the DC Universe 1000 piece puzzle — was released in […]


Blue Devil DC Direct action figure

I got my Blue Devil DC Direct action figure a couple weeks ago, but this is the first chance I’ve had to write about it.  The figure looks great!  Below you’ve got a picture of the Blue Devil packaging.  This figure is part of the History of the DC Universe series of figures, all based […]


‘Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi’ new novel out today

I’m totally excited for the new Star Wars nine-book series, Fate of the Jedi.  The third book comes out today, Abyss.  I’ve really been enjoying the Legacy of the Force series (still have a couple to go on those) and look forward to these next adventures. Here is a description of Fate of the Jedi […]

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