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Artist Competition for New Frank Cho Comic

There is a new contest on the Image Comics forum hosted by Frank Cho and Doug Murray. This purpose of this contest is to find an artist for the upcoming book 50-GIRLS-50.  There are about 150 contestants at this point, with Cho and Murray selecting their favorites at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend.  To read the rules of the contest, please click here.  One of the contestants is local comic artist Billy Penn (Hot Shot & Mighty Girl, Savage Dragon, and my Father’s Day Present)!

Billy has turned in some gorgeous pages for this 50-GIRLS-50 contest.  Since the contest opened, not only has Billy found the time to draw the pages, he also had a baby!  Well, his wife actually had the baby, but Billy is a great dad so he’s had his hands full.  Here are a few of the pages Billy has done for the 50-GIRLS-50 contest.  These images are copyright of the 50-GIRLS-50 contest.  Feel free to stop by the Image Comics forum and let Billy know (and everyone else) how much you like his artwork. 

Good luck, Billy!

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