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Saturday Morning Cartoons – 1983 ABC and NBC Ads

I stumbled across a few more Saturday Morning Cartoon advertisements in some old comics.  Below are ads that ran in DC comics in the fall of 1983.  At the time, they were promoting the upcoming fall line-up of Saturday morning cartoons on ABC and NBC.  Oddly enough I didn’t see an ad for CBS.   Click the NBC  image for a larger view.

Dude… for me personally, NBC rocked in comparison to ABC in 1983.  Thundarr the Barbarian, Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends, Incredible Hulk, Mr. T, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Shirt Tales… NBC had some good stuff!  I do recall enjoying ABC’s Puppy’s Further Adventures and the Littles, but no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get excited about Pac-Man or Rubik the Amazing Cube.

Click here for a previous post about NBC’s 1985 Saturday Morning Cartoon line-up.  For that post I included some general commentary about Saturday Morning Cartoons and what the current generation of kids are missing.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons – 1983 ABC and NBC Ads

  1. All i can say:

    “The year: 1994. From out of space comes a runaway planet, hurtling between the Earth and the Moon, unleashing cosmic destruction! Man’s civilization is cast in ruin!
    Two thousand years later, Earth is reborn…
    A strange new world rises from the old: a world of savagery, super science, and sorcery. But one man bursts his bonds to fight for justice! With his companions Ookla the Mok and Princess Ariel, he pits his strength, his courage, and his fabulous Sunsword against the forces of evil.
    He is Thundarr, the Barbarian!”

  2. “We got the jazz!?” What does that even mean? I’m pretty sure as a 13 year old cartoon freak at the time I didn’t know what it meant then either. But if Mr.T says that they have “the jazz” who am I to argue?

  3. Now those were the days they could make a decent Saturday morning cartoon. Spidey & Friends followed by the Hulk, I practically lived for Saturday morning as a kid. LOL, My Mother would always say, “Why are You up so early?”

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