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When 900 Christmas trees you decorate, look as good you will not

I’m a big believer that Christmas decorations should not be put out until at least December 1.  Not the day after Thanksgiving, and definitely not right after Halloween.  Call me old fashioned, but for me December 1st marks the beginning of Christmas season.  That means starting today LET THE TINSEL FLY!

This Christmas us geeks have some new decorations to consider: the Yoda Tree Topper, and the Yoda Holiday Light Set!  I mean, c’mon, nothing says Christmas like a 900 year old Jedi Master with a light-up lightsaber.   The tree topper measures 12″H x 6″W x 6″D, but remember size matters not.  You can find these items through online retailers and at your local Target.

Thanks to my friend Jon from The Unique Geek for sending me these pics!

4 thoughts on “When 900 Christmas trees you decorate, look as good you will not

  1. I live in Canada, so I’m out of luck. I have even been searcing online and still ‘no luck’. Hmmmmmmm

  2. Still reeling from my neighbor who put up Christmas lights and inflatables (INFLATABLES!) on Veteran’s Day.

    That tree topper deserves a very themed tree. We saw them in Target this weekend but passed up the opportunity to disgrace Master Yoda with a tree up his backside.

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