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Big Week… Must Sleep

Walt Simonson's ThorIt’s been a big week for me.  Just got back from an amazing 7-day eastern Caribbean cruise.  Probably the most fun vacation I’ve ever had.  Unfortunately, I’m exhausted from the vacation so today will be very brief.

While on the cruise I got to snorkel in some of the clearest, most beautiful water in the world (St. Maarten and Grand Turk).  Sped around on a waverunner at Emerald Beach while on St. Thomas.  Met Nick Maley, known as “That Yoda Guy” (more on him in a later post). Saw Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen (boy was that movie the suck!).  And did a zillion other things, but most importantly I spent some quality time with my gorgeous and brilliant wife.

It’s worth mentioning for Terry’s benefit that I read a Thor trade paperback.  I read my copy of Thor Visionaries: Walter Simonson volume 1.  It was a great read.  Awesome art, solid storytelling, and good adventure.  After reading this, I think I can quantify my dislike for Thor a little further.  When written well, I really enjoy Thor’s adventures in Asgard.  It makes for good fantasy/high-adventure.  However, I don’t care for Thor on Earth.  I feel like he sticks out like a sore thumb.  This fits with my dislike of Thor all these years in the Avengers.

Finally, saw Avatar last night with my 10-year old step-son.  What a movie!  Now I see what everyone is talking about.  Not the most original storyline, but breathtaking visuals, great action, and very enthralling.  Definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Talk with y’all later!

2 thoughts on “Big Week… Must Sleep

  1. Transformers 2 was an abomination of a film. I had hoped that the terrible things that I said about it would have steered you clear of its taint, but no such luck I guess.

    Reading the Walter Simonson run on Thor is a great starting point. His run was probably the best that Thor has ever been.

    I like Thor on Earth, but I don’t like it when he’s dealing with run-of-the-mill, boring stuff. Like, he shouldn’t be catching bank robbers and stuff; he should be facing threats on his level. Thor is a fantastic character, and he’s best used in fantastic situations.

    I’m glad you had a great time on your cruise. 🙂

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