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Where The Heck Has Shag Been?!?!

As you read this, you’re probably thinking, “ONCE UPON A GEEK? I remember that old site. Hasn’t it been dead for months?”  That’s pretty much true, but I’m back! From 2008 through 2010, ONCE UPON A GEEK featured a new post every weekday.  Sure I missed a few days here and there, but for the […]


Why We Need Superheroes

Today we’re presenting another very special blog entry by my wife, The Irrepressible Gena! Just a little background for you, my wife is not a geek. She’s a wonderful (and gorgeous) normal person. Without further ado, The Irrepressible Gena… I’ve never actually understood my husband’s hobby. For years, he has been collecting superhero figurines and […]


My New Blog… B’wana Beast’s Blog

Because apparently I’m not busy enough already, I’ve started another blog!  B’WANA BEAST’S BLOG – A blog dedicated to DC Comics’ Jungle Master – B’wana Beast! For the past two years, I’ve run a site dedicated to Firestorm the Nuclear Man. While I enjoyed writing about Firestorm, I felt it was time to move on […]


Disney Fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle

In December, my family and I visited the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  We had a fantastic time and stayed to watch the fireworks.  We’d seen them from our hotel previously, but never from right in front of the castle.  Wow!  At the start of the fireworks, an actress dressed as Tinkerbell rode a […]


Ultimate Geek Sunglasses Holder

Anyone have any unusual accessories on or within their car?  I’ve hung a pair of laboratory goggles from my rear view mirror for the past 20+ years.  It started off as a gag with a friend, but since has grown to become part of my vehicle’s personality.  They make a perfect holder for sunglasses and […]


Let Your Geek Flag Fly

I picked up a new bumper sticker this week – LET YOUR GEEK FLAG FLY!  I love it! I bought the sticker at Lofty Pursuits.  I can’t seem to find it for sale on the internet, but if you go looking it was produced by “Duck and Cover”.  I’m still deciding whether to slap the […]


Thanks to Serv!

My sincerest thanks to Serv for what he’s doing this morning!  His efforts (and those of the team assisting him) are greatly appreciated by all THE UNIQUE GEEKS!  Here is a token of my appreciation, buddy. If you can’t view the embedded video above, please click here. If you are feeling a little more metal, […]


My Geek Birthday – Doctor Who TARDIS Cake and Cookie Jar

I was totally overwhelmed and touched by all the birthday wishes I received last week!  My thanks to all of you that sent messages through Facebook, ultimately bringing the social networking goliath to its knees on Thursday.  I was on the road for work on my actual birthday, but I was able to catch dinner […]


84 Degrees is Warmer than You May Think

Our home air conditioner broke this past weekend. It was 84 degrees inside my house at midnight last night, so trust me when I say that 84 degrees may be warmer than you think. I live in Florida. During the summer, we as a people spend most of our days inside air conditioned buildings, or […]


The Newest Addition to Our Family

Say hello to my new Jeep! I’ve been driving a tiny little Saturn for the last ten years, slowly saving and planning for my next vehicle.  After a long decade in what my wife called “The Golf Cart”, that time has finally come!  This is my brand new 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport edition! The […]

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