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Ookla the Mok “Super Powers”

Ookla the Mok Super Secret albumIt’s been a while, but it’s time for more Ookla the Mok today!  If you still haven’t tried them, you are really missing out.  If you enjoy the kinds of things I post here, than you will love Ookla the Mok.  They bill themselves as “Rock Music for Nerds”.  Their lyrics are hysterical and speak directly to people like us.  I mean, c’mon, their name is taken from the 1980’s cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian for goodness sake.

Here is a song called “Super Powers”.  Below is a fan-made video, but I’m just providing that so you can hear the music.  Beneath the video you’ll find the lyrics.  Enjoy!

Super Powers

I got bitten by a radioactive bug
I tried an experimental drug
I went out for a stroll on a gamma testing range
I found an enchanted Uru cane
I made a serum that made me small
I modified the serum so it would make me tall
I got radioactive isotope in my eye
A dying alien helped me accessorize
I gained the proportionate strength of a spider
Now I’m invincible and I can fly
I lost my sight and my other senses were heightened
I’m gonna put on my pajamas and go fight crime
Now I’m a super hero (now I am a)
I’m a super hero now (super hero)
Now I’m a super hero (I’m a super)
I got my super powers (hero now)
My best friend and my girlfriend (and her brother)
went into space
Who’da thought we’d get bombarded by cosmic rays
It turns out I’m the last of a powerful alien race
My mother formed me from a lump of magic clay
I’m given super powers by a yellow sun
I studied under the Ancient One
I got an adamantium skeleton
Some grizzled old wizard taught me a magic acronym
Now I got the wisdom of Solomon
And the Strength of Hercules
I have memorized what “AZAM” was
But I still fight evil in my red pajamas
I gotta get me a helicopter
And you can get a jet plane
We’ll take out their surveillance tower
We can make up code names
And when you get home at the end of your day
I’ll pack your parachute and put away
Your utility belt and gas grenades
You were never meant to see
I showed you my secret identity
I suppose that I could always hypnotize you
If I wanted to
But I propse another thing
You can wear my decoder ring
We can have matching hovercraft
We can go undercover
After all we might just fall like stars from the sky
You know too but I know you
you won’t be happy til you try
Super hero team-up
Cowboy secret space detective true love
Super villain two-in-one
The bad guys have taken over Washington
Don’t be scared cause I’m prepared
There’s an emergency but I’m ready
Cause fortunately I’m a super hero too
I got super powers just like you
Now I’m a super hero
Now I’m a super hero
Now I’m a super hero
I got my

Seriously, you gotta listen to these guys.  In addition to clever geek-related lyrics, their music is also enjoyable.  You can check out their website by clicking here.

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  1. I LOVE Ookla the Mok. They performed at my very first Dragoncon, and I’ve been in love ever since. This, Arthur Curry, and Secret Origins are my personal favs. Oh, and Das Uber Tuber, a rock ballad about Mr. Potato Head.

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