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Golden Age Green Lantern drawing by creator Marty Nodell

Here is an original drawing of Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, by his creator Martin Nodell.  Marty created the Green Lantern in 1940 for All-American Comics #16.  I was fortunate enough to meet Marty in 1994 at Cosmic Cat Comics & Games when he came to do a signing.  I was managing the store at the time and we had Marty there in conjunction with Green Lantern #50 (not to be confused with Green Lantern #50 that just came out in 2010 – though both featured Parallax).   He and his wife Carrie were super-sweet people and a real treat to chat with.  Marty would sign any Green Lantern item you’d like. We had him sign some of the Green Lantern #50 posters as well as the neat giveaway rings available at the time.  I saw Marty and his wife at a few conventions around Florida after that, but sadly Carrie passed away in 2004 and Marty in 2006.

Golden Age Green Lantern drawing by Marty Nodell

Looking closely at this drawing you can see the light hint of pencils underneath the fine black inks.  The coloring on the shirt and pants looks good on the actual drawing, but the camera flash washed them out some on the image above.  It appears the colors were done with something like markers.  Marty had done the drawing prior to the signing.  That way he could sell the original drawings on-site, rather than make people wait for sketches.  He did inscribe the drawing to me in green pen, “To Shag – With best special regards – as signed at the Cosmic Cat – Mart Nodell ’94”.

He was a neat gentleman and his creation has inspired 70 years of amazing stories.  Thanks Marty!

Check back here tomorrow for more on the creation of the original Green Lantern in 1940 … and the surprising connection to the Red Lanterns.

5 thoughts on “Golden Age Green Lantern drawing by creator Marty Nodell

  1. Thanks for posting. A truly great piece of art, although it does look like the Mighty Green Lantern is ready to compete in the men’s figure skating events at the Olympics this week. Cool to see how the costume has evolved through the years.

  2. Nice piece and a nice story. Its always cool when the old-time comics pros live long enough to see how beloved they are by fans.

  3. I met him there, too, and you even gave me a glow-in-the-dark GL ring signed by him. Actually, I keep the ring on my desk at work and put it on when I need extra brain power, for I am – the Green Contract!


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