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New Matt Smith Doctor Who Teaser

Doctor Who Season 5 with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan

I am SO ready for the new Doctor Who season to start.  Doctor Who season 5 opens with “The Eleventh Hour” by Steven Moffat and is set to premiere on BBC One in the UK and BBC America on April 5th.  BBC has released a brilliant new teaser trailer for season 5 featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.  Check it out!

This video will be running in 3-D in the UK before the new Alice in Wonderland film. I can’t confirm it, but I get the sense this video was created specifically as a trailer, rather than as footage from upcoming episodes.  I hope that is the case as I appreciate the efforts from the BBC to create a real buzz for new Who Matt Smith.  I love everything about this trailer, from the music, to the swirling stars, to the action, to the Doctor and Amy’s interaction.  This trailer has really provided me with a lot of confidence in the new season. I just can’t wait!

Hold on tight.  Geronimo!

4 thoughts on “New Matt Smith Doctor Who Teaser

  1. Oh dear 😉 It seems we disagree on the trailer – I found it totally shallow, all special effects and no substance and very obviously geared totally towards the gimmickry of 3D.

    I can’t wait for the new season to start at Easter – but not because of this trailer which did absolutely nothing for me (except make me cringe a bit!)

  2. 1. This isn’t a preview of things to come trailer – it’s a 3D promotional movie designed to appeal to all ages, especially younger children. It’s not supposed to have any “substance”.

    2. There’s no actual series footage here. It’s all been designed for kids. It’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s big and bold and – well – kid centric.

    3. I think Matt Smith looks and sounds fantastic!

    Some people have WAY too high expectations, especially considering what this promotional movie is designed to do – which is to attract kids to the new series. DW is, at its heart, a kids’ TV show.

  3. “DW is, at its heart, a kids’ TV show.”

    Wrong! Doctor Who is a family show, designed to be watched by all ages(as you said originally). The Sarah Jane Adventures is a children’s show, while Torchwood is the Whoniverse for adults.

    Doctor Who may have begun life as an educational children’s show to teach youngsters about history, but it very rapidly evolved into something more.

    It’s a (roughly) 50 year-old-brand, that doesn’t need gimmicks to attract new viewers – especially children – as it has MONSTERS.

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