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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Lucky the Leprechaun!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Lucky the Leprechaun! Your curiosity piqued?  Now go check out the webcomic Breakfast of the Gods.  You won’t regret it.


Buy Doctor Who Classics Volume 5 Trade Paperback

Doctor Who Classics volume 5 trade paperback from IDW Publishing shipped last Wednesday to comic shops around the United States.  This collection is of particular interest to old-school Doctor Who fans in the U.S. that bought the 1984-86 Marvel Comics series. Back in 1986, Marvel Comics canceled their ongoing Doctor Who comic in the United […]


Green Slime! Don’t Touch It! It is Certain Death! Look Out! It’s Dripping!

Here is a Dungeons & Dragons advertisement that ran in comic books in mid-1981.  The lack of color, amateur artwork, inconsistent lettering, and ridiculous scripting is appalling.  This ad is simply terrible. With that said.. I LOVE IT!  This pathetic little ad inspired me to try roleplaying and seek out further comic adventures of these […]


The New Dork – Geek Anthem

Viva Geeks!  It wasn’t too long ago that being a dork meant you weren’t cool. Oh how times have changed. A new generation of geeky entrepreneurs are setting the standards for business and the world we live in — they are the trendsetters. Being a geek is considered sexy nowadays (as the underwear above demonstrates). […]


New Avengers Titles on the Horizon

Siege will be over before we know it.  With it brings the cancellation of all the current Avengers titles.  Beginning in May, Marvel will relaunch the entire Avengers franchise with some big shake-ups.  There will be several one-shots and mini-series, along with four ongoing books.  I’ve outlined below what we know so far about the […]


Latest Iron Man 2 Trailer

In case you haven’t seen it already, here is the second trailer for Iron Man 2.  The film is due in theaters on May 7, 2010. Holy crap, this movie just keeps looking better and better!  I can’t friggin’ wait! If you can’t view the embedded video above, please click here.


Spent Time Reading Comics This Past Weekend

Instead of blogging about comics, this weekend I actually read some! I’ve literally got stacks and stacks of comics I’m behind on reading. I only got through 17 comics this weekend, most of which were Marvel Siege-related titles. Here are the titles I read and some quick thoughts on them (and they do contain SPOILERS): […]


Stan Lee’s Oscar Campaign

From Funny or Die, here is Stan Lee’s bid for the Oscars… Stan Lee’s Oscar Campaign from Stan Lee


Sandman comic book advertisement – 1988

“A horror-edged fantasy, set in the DC Universe.” Wow.  The editorial staff that put this ad together had no idea where this comic was going to go, did they?


Saturday Morning Cartoons – 1980 ABC, NBC and CBS Ads

Presenting comic book advertisements for the 1980 Saturday morning cartoons!  Here we have ads from ABC, NBC, and CBS. If I had to declare a winner for me personally in 1980, I guess it would have been ABC.  I was a big fan of Super Friends and Thundarr the Barbarian, and a moderate fan of […]

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