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Art Adams Days – DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Thundercats and more

Welcome back to the final installment of ART ADAMS DAYS (at least for now)!  Today we’ll be looking at a random collection of Arthur Adams work. I should point out that Art Adams is considered a fan-favorite artist on characters like Godzilla, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Gumby.  I don’t have any drawings from these comics this time around, but I’ll try and rustle some up for the next round of ART ADAMS DAYS.

The drawing below appeared in a Wizard Magazine article discussing the upcoming (at the time) mini-series Countdown Arena.  This piece drawn by Art Adams is worth checking out if for no other reason than to see Frank Miller’s Dark Knight pimp slapping Watchmen’s Rorschach.  Click the image to enlarge.

Wizard Magazine Countdown Arena Promotion by Art Adams

A little action from a galaxy far, far away…

Classic Star Wars: A New Hope cover by Art Adams

Here is the cover to Avengers Classic #1.  Click the image to enlarge.

Avengers Classic #1 cover by Art Adams

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats… HO!!!

Thundercats Sourcebook cover by Art Adams

The artwork below comes from a VS System game card entitled, “Stalwart Defense”.  Click the image to enlarge.

VS Card System Stalwart Defense by Art Adams

Fantastic Fours (yes, plural)

Fantastic Four cover by Art Adams

Fantastic Four #348 cover by Art Adams

This was the very first issue of Daredevil I ever bought.  Now I’ve got over 250 issues of his series.  It all started with Art Adams…

Daredevil #238 cover by Art Adams

Finally, here is an awesome Marvel Universe circa 1960s group shot.  Love this!

Heroes and Villains Marvel Masterpiece by Art Adams

It’s so good, I gotta plug it again… If you’re a fan of Art Adams work, you should really pick up TwoMorrows Modern Masters Volume Six: Arthur Adams.  It’s a gorgeous book that celebrates the work of Art Adams and includes a gazillion obscure Art Adams drawings.  The book is in black-and-white so it really highlights his line work.  Below you’ll find the cover.  Check it out!

TwoMorrows Modern Masters Volume Six - Arthur Adams

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  1. that Star Wars cover is AWFUL….Some artists make Superheros look fantastic, but he needs to STAY AWAY from a Galaxy far far away…

  2. All I want to do is sing the Thundercats theme song right now.

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day on Monday!

  3. Daredevil on invisible motorcycle, SCREEEEEEECH!!!!!
    j/k LOVE Arthur Adams, absolute favorite, thanks for the posts!

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