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Iron Baby – Iron Man Parody Video

I’m sure most of you have seen this by now, but if you haven’t…. Click here if you can’t view the embedded video above.


The Yoda and Dinah Show – Size Matters

Here’s another installment in THE YODA AND DINAH SHOW!


Yoda was wrong!

It’s nice to know that even Yoda recognizes when he’s made a mistake.


They Are Iron Kids…

When you look at this picture, you’ve got to imagine Ozzy singing “They are Iron Kids…” My ten year old step-son and four year old daughter.  Forget Tony Stark, they are Iron Kids!


One of the more depressing cartoons I’ve seen in a while…

Calvin saying goodbye to Hobbes at Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.  Click the image to enlarge. So sad.  Don’t ever let go of your inner-child.  I wear mine on the outside.


Fringe’s Alternate Universe DC Comics Covers

If you watched NBC’s Fringe season finale on Friday, you may have spotted these bizarre DC comics covers.  Don’t worry, you didn’t imagine them.  They were all reminiscent of famous DC covers, but with some alterations.  The Fringe episode dipped into an alternate universe where even the smallest details were somewhat off.  Geoff Johns, DC […]


Transformer/Comic Book Motivational Poster


Geek Poster Gallery – Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, Movies, TV, and More

Today we wrap up our poster coverage.  So far this week we’ve covered some DC Comics posters and some Star Wars posters.  Well, today we’ll finish with a miscellaneous mixture of comic book, movie, and television posters.  Please feel free to share any of your favorite posters in the comments! This first one is a […]


Star Wars Poster Gallery – Theater One-Sheets, Photomosaics, and Propaganda Posters

The past couple days we’ve featured some DC Comics posters. Well, today we’ll tackle some Star Wars posters!  I’ve owned many more Star Wars posters than just these over the years, but the following are still in my possession.  Tomorrow we’ll finish up our poster coverage with some other films, some Marvel comics, television, and […]


Comic Poster Gallery – JSA, Crisis, Flash, Green Lantern, Sandman, and more

Yesterday we featured quite a few DC Comics posters. Today we’ll finish up the tour of the DC posters. The next couple days will focus on Star Wars and other geeky posters.  Please feel free to share any of your favorite posters! Below is a World War II era poster of the Justice Society of […]

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