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My Wife is a Wonder Woman

Have I mentioned lately how awesome my wife is?  The other day The Irrepressible Gena came home from shopping with this t-shirt.  She’s an absolute non-geek, but bought this shirt because she knew it’d make me happy.  She’s so fantastic!  And beautiful too!

The Irrepressible Gena's Wonder Woman t-shirt

It’s a reproduction of the cover to Wonder Woman #253 dated March 1979.  The artists were Jose Delbo and Dick Giordano, with a story written by Jack C. Harris.  If you want one of these shirts for yourself or your loved one, they are available at Wal-Mart for only $12.

Also worth mentioning, JCPenney has just launched a new line of Supergirl clothes for girls. If you have a daughter, little sister, niece or whatever it might be time for a shopping trip!  Click here for more details on the Supergirl line at JCPenney.

9 thoughts on “My Wife is a Wonder Woman

  1. Shag:

    My wife has a pink Super Girl shirt, but I had to buy it. My daughters, on the other hand, can’t get enough superheroine clothing!


  2. Mr. Harris – Thanks so much for your comment and visiting my site. A legend like yourself is always welcome here!


  3. I have a Superman shirt I bought because it was only $3. Even though I’m personally not a big fan of comics, I’m a sucker for cheap shirts!

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