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This Halloween Give Comics to Kids

This year on Halloween I’ll be giving out comic books in addition to candy!  Normally I give each trick-or-treater at least two pieces of candy.  On this October 31st each costumed visitor to our house will receive some candy plus one mini-comic – either Archie, Toy Story or Smurfs!

Halloween mini-comics

Back in July, Diamond Comics Distributors advertised in their Previews catalog several different mini-comic bundles for Halloween:

  • Archie & Friends All-Stars Presents Archie 1: The Dawn Of Time (from Archie Comics)
  • Toy Story: The Return Of Buzz Lightyear (from BOOM! Studios)
  • Bone Halloween (from Cartoon Books)
  • Hot Stuff Halloween (from Dark Horse)
  • Melvin Monster & Nancy A John Stanley Library Ha Ha Ha Halloween Treat (from Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Littlest Pirate King & Toys In The Basement (from Fantagraphics Books)
  • Smurfs Halloween (from Papercutz)

Sold in bundles of 25 copies, each colorful 6″ x 9″ mini-comic is filled with all-ages adventures and laughs that will last a lot longer than any chocolate bar.  The suggested retail price for each bundle of 25 is $4.99.  I picked up three bundles myself.  Well worth the money if it gets even just one kid interested in comics.

These mini-comic bundles shipped a few weeks ago.  However, if you contact your local comic shop today, they may still be able to re-order some for you in time for Halloween.

3 thoughts on “This Halloween Give Comics to Kids

  1. Yes! I have done this for two years now, and the response from our neighborhood kids has really been great. We are only giving out the Toy Story book this year — budgetary constraints, mostly — but in years past we’ve given one title to older kids and another to the younger.

    The first year we did this, two kids trick-or-treated at our door and, as they were walking away, one kid started to make a little fun that we were giving out comics (*in addition to* candy, thank you — little ingrate! ). The other kid shut him up, though: “Hey, I happen to like ‘Bone’!” (that year’s older kid offering). 🙂

  2. Shag:

    I haven’t done this before but ordered 50 of the Bone mini to try out this year. (I also donated a copy of the Bone One Volume edition as a prize for my local library’s summer reading program. If you can’t win kids over with Bone, its hopeless!)


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