Ultimate Geek Sunglasses Holder

Anyone have any unusual accessories on or within their car?  I’ve hung a pair of laboratory goggles from my rear view mirror for the past 20+ years.  It started off as a gag with a friend, but since has grown to become part of my vehicle’s personality.  They make a perfect holder for sunglasses and it proudly displays my geekiness.

Rear view mirror lab goggles for sunglasses

So… anyone else willing to share their vehicular weirdness?

5 thoughts on “Ultimate Geek Sunglasses Holder

  1. When I was a kid, my mom had a “Warp Drive” button on the dashboard of her 1991 Volvo Station Wagon. And one day heading home from school, I hit the button, she mashed down the gas petal, and I swear I started to see the stars blur.

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