Gives New Meaning to the Expression, ‘This is Red Five, I’m Going In’

This gives new meaning to the Star Wars expression, ‘This is Red Five, I’m Going In’.

R2D2 Bathing Suit from Black Milk on Kemper Suicide Girl

Model is Kemper from The Suicide Girls (link is NSFW!).

Bathing suit is available from Black Milk Clothing.

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8 Responses to “Gives New Meaning to the Expression, ‘This is Red Five, I’m Going In’”

  1. Ed Says:

    Man, I hate ink on women. I really didn’t notice the suit at first because of the tacky ink being so tastelessly distracting. This chic would be more attractive without the tattoos.
    Cool bathing suit, though. When will we see an actual bikini bathing suit of Leia’s outfit from Return of the Jedi?

  2. 44 Says:
  3. Onthink Says:

    Shag – Nice find! She needs that R2d2 android phone to match.

    Ed – Until they market Leia’s outfit from Return of the Jedi, there’s always… http://www.leiasmetalbikini.com/

  4. David H. Says:

    Tattoos or not this chick turned my software into hardware. Now if only I could access her port I’d be a happy man. By the way Shag, speaking of hot chicks I was looking that posting you have for Killer Frost but didn’t see the link that would allow me to leave a comment.

  5. CDerosby Says:

    I’m with David. I can deal with the tattoos.

  6. rob! Says:
  7. whorecraft Says:

    Ed- your right her tattoos are yucky, i would definately turn her down because of that….NOT!

  8. ted Says:

    only can say This is Red Five, I’m Going In

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