Precocious Princess: The Superheroine

My five year old daughter, we call her the Precocious Princess here, loves to dress up.  Absolutely loves it!  Whenever we’re in a store, she wants to try on all the costumes.  After swapping superhero in-store-costume stories with my buddies C.T. from Nerd Lunch and Terry, I was inspired.  When the Princess and I next visited Wal-Mart, I had my cell phone camera ready.  Enjoy!

The Precocious Princess as Captain America

The Precocious Princess as Spider-Man

The Precocious Princess as Thor

Absolutely adorable! To see her in an Iron Man mask a last year, click here.

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16 Responses to “Precocious Princess: The Superheroine”

  1. CT Says:

    Awesome. Those little role-play masks and props are amazing. Where were they 30 years ago? That Cap shield is perfect. When I was 4 or 5, my dad took this yellow frisbee with green writing, painted a white star on it with house paint, and attached some black elastic to it. That was my Captain America shield. And I loved it. But, no offense to my dad’s efforts, but I would have much preferred the one currently in the stores.

  2. Chocotaco Says:

    Those are great! I think the Spider-Man one is my favorite. She got the web-shooting hand signal right and everything. Ya done good.

  3. MOCK! Says:

    I think the iCarly t-shirt sells it for me almost as much as her obviously tickled pink smile!! She reminds of of Princess Cha-Cha on Sea-of-Green’s blog…

  4. MOCK! Says:

    …sorry, CAPTAIN Cha-Cha!!

  5. Jeph Says:
  6. Michael Bailey Says:

    Adorable. Also (let me adjust my pocket protector before I write this) the iCarly shirt is sort of a comic book reference too. Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Carly, was the young Lana Lang in the SMALLVILLE pilot.

    Yup. Everything comes back to Superman for me.

  7. tnr105 Says:

    I got that Cap shield, it’s actually an awesome frisbee! I plan to break it out on the beach this summer.

  8. Frank Says:

    Shag! Same store, similar layout, same direction, similar pose, higher level. My girlfriend snapped me doing the same dang thing on her cell phone. We’re such geeks…

  9. Shag Says:

    @Frank – Our lives frighteningly parallel each others.

  10. alice Says:

    ahah! AWESOME! Captain America is my favorite. But Thor….
    Oh, I can’t choose, they are all wonderful.

  11. Dave Z Says:

    Mike connects a Nickelodeon show with Superman. That’s shocking. I’m on the floor, staring at the ceiling, wondering how he does it.

  12. E. Peterman Says:

    Love it. She is so cute it’s ridiculous!

  13. Dave Z Says:

    Any reason her eyes are red in all of those?


  14. Luke Says:

    That Thor one is awesome. Thor-Girl, indeed!

  15. Scott Says:

    That Captain America shield is awesome!! I got get one of those for myself!!

  16. Jack River Says:

    This girl is so cute!!

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