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Listen Up: Girls Gone Geek, Views Anniversary, and Doctor Who

Listen up folks!  I recently appeared on three, count ’em THREE, geeky podcasts.  Be sure to give each of these episodes a try and support these podcasts!

Girls Gone Geek


Each month a group of us geeks get together to chat about comic books.  Our “Geek Lunch” consists of: Vanessa G. & E. Peterman (from Girls-Gone-Geek), C.T. (from Nerd Lunch), Choco Taco (life-long comic reader with uncanny foresight), David (the career student writing his thesis on comics), Lindsey (the cosplaying comic shop clerk), and myself.  This is a really great group of people and we have a blast during these lunches.  This time around, the Girls Gone Geek decided to record our ramblings and release them as their very first podcast!  The ladies did a phenomenal job editing down our chit-chat into an hour of solid comic talk.  Great job you geeky girls, and thanks for inviting me to your first of many podcasts!  Click here to visit Girls Gone Geek where you can download the podcast.



Views from the Longbox


Next up, Michael Bailey and I celebrated the fourth anniversary of Views from the Longbox with a “very special episode”!  No, Alan Thicke doesn’t show up and teach some important life lesson.  Instead, we celebrated by taking questions from you, the listener!  Click here to visit Views from the Longbox where you can download the podcast.


The Unique Geek Doctor Who Special


A collection of The Unique Geek contributors got together to discuss the most recent episodes of Doctor Who! Ed, Leigh, Aaron, Ron, Patrick, and myself had a great time discussing our favorite Timelord.  Click here to visit The Unique Geek page where you can download this podcast.

Now get listening!


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  1. I was going to make a comment about you and the GIRLS Gone Geek thing but I saw that there were other guys on the show.

    Oh well.

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