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Countdown to Dragon*Con 2010!

You may have noticed the countdown timer in the upper-right hand corner of ONCE UPON A GEEK.  This is counting down my arrival at Dragon*Con 2010!  We’re about 28 days away and it can’t get here soon enough! Over on THE UNIQUE GEEK, they’re doing their own version of a countdown called 40 Days Of […]


DragonCon 2009 Days 3 & 4 – Jean-Luc, Shopping, Games, and Dinner for 21

Coverage of Dragon*Con 2009 continues here!  I’ve already recapped Friday and Saturday, so today will cover Sunday and Monday.  If you’d like to see over 600 pictures I took at the event, you can view them on Flickr and THE UNIQUE GEEK photo gallery. SUNDAY After going to sleep around 5am the night before, we […]


DragonCon 2009 Recap Day Two – Celebrities, Parade, Costumes, and All-Night Film Fest

Coverage of Dragon*Con 2009 continues here!  To read about Friday, click here.  If you’d like to see over 600 pictures I took at the event, you can view them on Flickr and THE UNIQUE GEEK photo gallery. Saturday After the WAR OF THE SNORE the night before, Choco Taco and I decided to grab some […]


Dragon*Con 2009 Recap – Day One

Dragon*Con was four days of zany geekiness with 30,000 of my closest friends. Today kicks off my recap of celebrities, costumes, events, friends, swag and more!  While I’ll cover a lot, this is only a fraction of what took place during Dragon*Con 2009.  At certain times, there were as many as 50 different simultaneous sessions […]


I Survived DragonCon

The good news is that I survived DragonCon.  The bad news is that I’m having trouble re-acclimatizing to regular life.  After being completely immersed in geekdom for four straight days, it’s a little hard to suddenly be transported from the wild to “civilized” society. I had a fantastic time!  This was definitely one of the […]



Assuming all is well with air travel, I should be in Atlanta by 10:30am!!!  Me and 30,000 of my closest friends all weekend long!  Check out the DragonCon website for details on the event!  Here are a few snapshots of me at previous DragonCons.  To see a gazillion (yes, that’s a technical term) DragonCon photos, […]


DragonCon Preview Podcast

I can’t freakin’ wait until Friday!  DragonCon 2008 is shaping up to be a fantastic convention!  Loads of panels I’m interested in, great times to look forward to with friends, celebrities to see, and funds to be dropped in the dealer room.  Can’t wait!  Be warned, I may miss a day or two of blogs […]

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