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The Blue…

Blue Beetle advertisement that ran in DC Comics cover dated June 1986.  I love this Paris Cullins art!


Twitter is Good for Something – Matt Sturges Autograph

Matt Sturges (writer of comics such as Jack of Fables, Shadowpact, House of Mystery, and Blue Beetle) frequently holds contests via Twitter.  He held one a few weeks ago asking people to send him their favorite quote from his Blue Beetle run.  I sent him the quote, “Consider yourselves defeated. And nerds of the Earth, […]


Teen Titans #61 Review – The Red & the Blue

Since Geoff Johns left “Teen Titans”, I’ve felt this was a book looking for direction.  I’ve toyed with the idea of dropping the title from my monthly pull list, but the characters themselves have been interesting enough for me to hang around.  I find the make up of this incarnation of Teen Titans to be […]


Fun with toys

See what you can accomplish with too much time and far too many action figures?  Sometimes I frighten myself… For you nutso comic-collector completists…. the following is for comparison purposes…

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