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New Netbook Purchased While on Vacation

Sorry I didn’t have a post on Monday.  I’m finishing up a week of vacation in Colorado at the gorgeous Charter at Beaver Creek resort (see picture above, and more about the vacation itself later this week).  On the first day out here, my old laptop finally gave out.  The hard drive has been threatening to die for a couple […]


List Week: 10 Most Powerful Computers of All Time

It’s LIST WEEK here at ONCE UPON A GEEK!  What’s that mean?  That means that each post this week will be a link to a list of geeky/funny thoughts! Today’s list comes from Maximum PC and is a list of, ‘The 10 Most Powerful Computers of All Time’. Many of these lists came to my […]


We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Geekdom

ONCE UPON A GEEK is back online!  Much thanks to SGhoul and Ed for all their help getting my system up and running again (and much improved!). What a pain it is to reload your machine!  On top of reinstalling the operating system, I had to reinstall something like 40 different applications.  I guess I […]


Temporary Interruption of Service

We here at ONCE UPON A GEEK apologize for a temporary interruption of service for the next couple of days. Our primary IT resources (read as MY HOME COMPUTER) are being upgraded in order to serve you better (read as THE COMPUTER CAUGHT A F@%#!#& VIRUS!!!!). Yeah, so I come home from being out of town […]

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