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Countdown to Dragon*Con 2010!

You may have noticed the countdown timer in the upper-right hand corner of ONCE UPON A GEEK.  This is counting down my arrival at Dragon*Con 2010!  We’re about 28 days away and it can’t get here soon enough! Over on THE UNIQUE GEEK, they’re doing their own version of a countdown called 40 Days Of […]


My Love-Hate Relationship with DC’s Multiverse

The multiverse is one of my favorite aspects of DC Comics, but it’s also one of my least favorite.  I found myself thinking about this after yesterday’s post on Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. My first exposure to the multiverse was in the 1979 issue Justice League of America #171, “The Murderer Among Us: […]


Countdown to Adventure

I’m writing this particular blog to discuss, the DC comic “Countdown to Adventure”.  However, I feel it necessary to give you my perspective on the main title “Countdown to Final Crisis” first.  So please bear with me… Countdown to Final Crisis I recently put myself through “Countdown” hell.  It was an excruciating process, but one I felt […]

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