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REVIEW: DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains Fandex

Workman Publishing has just released the amazingly cool DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains Fandex!  What a neat product!  I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but it’s far exceeded my expectations.  This handy field guide makes an excellent reference for both the DC Comics seasoned veteran as well as the comic book […]


I owe Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver an apology…

** SPOILERS FOR FLASH: REBIRTH #5.  Consider yourself warned. ** I’ve been ranting and raving about Barry Allen coming back as the Flash for over a year now.  That’s not why I owe them an apology.  I’m still pissed about that. I owe Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver an apology for doubting them in […]


Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver talk ‘Vibe: Rebirth’

From Newsarama: DC Comics announced on Tuesday that a mini-series in December entitled Vibe: Rebirth will re-introduce the once-dead character Paco Ramone, bringing Vibe back for good into the fictional world he left more than 20 years ago. Unlike other comic book deaths – even Superman went up, up and away for just a year […]


Coming in 2013 from DC Comics… “Aquaman: Rebirth”

So my new pet theory is that Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver will give Aquaman their “Rebirth” treatment within the next few years.  I’m going to put a target date of 2013 on it simply because there was four years between “Green Lantern: Rebirth” and “Flash: Rebirth”.  With “Flash: Rebirth” coming out in 2009, […]

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