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Obama to Appoint Secretary of Geek Affairs…

… or rather, he should.  Check out Paul and Storm’s thoughts on this.  If you went to DragonCon 2008, these guys were the opening band at the & Quick Stop Entertainment’s “Nuts on the Road: Gonzo Sound & Vision” film festival. According to Paul and Storm… as the first geek President, Barack Obama would […]


Work and Geek Life Collide…featuring the Batmobile

This week I attended a day-long educational workshop related to my job.  The workshop was held in one of the meeting rooms at the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum.  It was a pretty good workshop with interesting speakers.  On a break, I was strolling through the museum thinking about the topics and real-world applications for use […]


Job Description: Married Geek with Children

While on an eight-hour road trip with my wife, two children, and mother-in-law, this post sprung into my brain fully-formed.  It’s an excerpt from a job description for potential married geeks with children. <<Excerpt>> JOB DESCRIPTION Position: Married Geek with Children Section: Time Commitment Applicant Prerequisites: Applicant must have at least 25 years experience in geekery.  Interests […]


Dragon*Con – I can’t wait!

Anyone else getting anxious about Dragon*Con this year?  I can’t wait to be immersed in all the geeky goodness.  The celebrities, the pseudo-celebrities, the panels, the costumes, the dealer rooms, staying up late playing games, the crowds (yes, even the crowds can be fun), and just generally being a complete geek for three or four […]

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