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Christmas with the Super-Heroes Part 1 – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We here at ONCE UPON A GEEK wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas Eve!  To help celebrate, please enjoy these comic book covers featuring Santa Claus.  Come back tomorrow for even more Christmas-related covers. Crazy!  Who knew the Kryptonian and the Kringle were so tight?!?!? “Don’t worry, Batman, I got this end.  […]


Podcast Appearances

Just a heads-up… I appeared in a couple recent episodes of The Unique Geek podcast. The Unique Geek Issue #70 features the usual gang as we discuss the latest mediocre offerings from Lucas as well as the lackluster summer movie season.  Really we are just a bunch of grumpy guys with nothing better to do. The Unique […]


Gamma Dong

Hulk + Porn = Gamma Dong.  I’m just sayin’… Once The Unique Geek Presidential Debate podcast is posted, this will make a little more sense.  Be watching The Unique Geek website for this special event!  


Spider-Man, Spider-Man… sing with me now…

In an earlier post I mentioned I had begun the TRUE education of my two-year old daughter.  Well, one of the things children love more than anything is music.  A while back, my wife and I were unfortunate enough to stumble across a couple children’s music CDs. We purchased them for my step-son who really showed […]


Incredible Hulk… Is he really that “Incredible”?

In honor of the new “Incredible Hulk” movie.  This is hilarious! I ganked it from Michael Bailey, who ganked it from dj_intheuk. 


Loeb Report on Word Balloon

Wow…  I just finished listening to the marathon Loeb Report on Word Balloon from January.  John Siuntres did a Q&A with Jeph Loeb (with questions coming from the Brian Michael Bendis’ message board) on things like Ultimates, Heroes, Hulk, Tim Sale, etc.  It was pretty good, but damn… six hours all together.  I listened to it […]

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