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Christmas with the Super-Heroes Part 1 – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We here at ONCE UPON A GEEK wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas Eve!  To help celebrate, please enjoy these comic book covers featuring Santa Claus.  Come back tomorrow for even more Christmas-related covers.

Crazy!  Who knew the Kryptonian and the Kringle were so tight?!?!?

Action Comics 105

Adventure Comics 113

Superman's Christmas Adventure

DC Comics Presents 67

“Don’t worry, Batman, I got this end.  Seriously, no worries.  You go ahead and take it easy.  I’m almost twelve now – I don’t mind helping this reclusive old man who sneaks into children’s homes at night.”

Batman 27

Giddy Up, Big Red Cheese!

Captain Marvel Adventures 19

“We’re sorry, Mr. Kringle.  It appears your dry cleaning got mixed up with Mr. Wayne’s.  If you can come back after Christmas, I’m sure we can get this sorted out.”

Batman 239

“Umm… Shazam, that suit isn’t really working for you.  Sorry to be the one to tell you.  I mean, I’m sure Santa appreciates the help and all.  I’m just saying a couple hours on the Ab-Rocket might do you some good.”

Captain Marvel Jr 19

What exactly ARE they feeding Santa up at the North Pole?!?!?!  Miracle-Gro?

Comic Cavalcade 5

Every year it’s the same thing… the rest of the Justice League help Santa make the toys, while Superman gets smashed on Eggnog with the creepy looking elf.  Real nice, Kal.

DC Christmas with the Superheroes 2

Remember when special edition comics were expensively priced at $1?

DC Christmas with the Superheroes

DC Universe Holiday Special 2008

Generation X Holiday Special

Marvel Holiday Special 1993

Comic Cavalcade 19

Trencher The X-Mas Bites Holiday Blow-Out

Some comics think it’s funny to depict Santa as the victim of some horrible crime.  Dude, that’s not cool.  You don’t mess with the Claus.

JLA 60

Hitman 22

Howard the Duck Holiday Special

Justice League of America 110

Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special

And of course there are the Santa-as-a-villain stories…

Iron Man 254

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man 112

Incredible Hulk 378

And finally, my personal favorite.  A Rockwell-inspired JSA cover.  Gorgeous!

JSA 55

Merry Geekmas!

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