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Kids Read Comics! June 12-13 in Chelsea, Michigan

Kids Read Comics! A very true statement, however, not as many kids are reading comics today as were when we grew up.  Ask yourself, do you encourage kids in your life (your children, nephews, nieces, friend’s kids, neighbors, etc) to read comics?  If the answer is no, then you may want to start thinking about […]


Job Description: Married Geek with Children

While on an eight-hour road trip with my wife, two children, and mother-in-law, this post sprung into my brain fully-formed.  It’s an excerpt from a job description for potential married geeks with children. <<Excerpt>> JOB DESCRIPTION Position: Married Geek with Children Section: Time Commitment Applicant Prerequisites: Applicant must have at least 25 years experience in geekery.  Interests […]


My daughter’s TRUE education continues…

And so my daughter’s TRUE education continues this week with a new toy.  You may recall a few weeks ago I did a post about my daughter’s new educational toys.  Well, this new one goes hand-in-hand with the educational value of those.  I just love these figures!  They’re adorable! Now if they’d only release a […]


And so begins my daughter’s TRUE education…

When you are raising a very young child, you always want to keep a few things in mind when purchasing toys. First, you want to be sure the toy is safe. Second, you should ensure some of their toys have educational value. When I say educational value, I don’t mean academic education, like “book smarts”. […]

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