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My daughter’s TRUE education continues…

FlashAnd so my daughter’s TRUE education continues this week with a new toy.  You may recall a few weeks ago I did a post about my daughter’s new educational toys.  Well, this new one goes hand-in-hand with the educational value of those. 

I just love these figures!  They’re adorable!

Now if they’d only release a Wonder Woman.  I’d like my daughter to have some action figures that represent strong female role models.  Somehow I doubt they’ll make a Black Canary figure for this line.  Fishnets and a thong just don’t scream kid-friendly.

Maybe I’ll see if I can find a Storm figure from the Spider-Man & Friends line.

8 thoughts on “My daughter’s TRUE education continues…

  1. I have a serious question. Don’t take this as critisism, it is an ernest querry to a parent of our generation.

    Why do you feel the need/desire to influence your daughter so heavily down your own path of lifelong hobbies? Are you giving her equal time on dolls, building blocks, princesses, etc?

    Again, this is an earnest question, not a slam.

  2. That flash seems funny. He’s all upper body and no legs, kind of the opposite of what i think the flash should be…

  3. To answer Sghoul, I would say his daughter already has plenty of girly and or other influences. You gotta think Mom, grandparents, aunts, uncles. Not to mention kids at school and friends. I’m sure Shag is only one influence on the kind of toys and hobbies she will have.

  4. its weird, since WW appears in the tie-in comic, so why isn’t there a figure for her? i mean, Cyborg and Hawkman before WW?

    i’d also love to see them do Batgirl and Supergirl, that would work, too!

  5. Sghoul – My daughter has numerous “girly” toys. I can’t tell you how many standard baby dolls she has, toy purses, and enough pink objects to make you go color blind. Next time you’re over, step into her room and you’ll never worry about my influence on her again.

    My steering her towards geek stuff is a very minor part of her upbringing. And it’s an effort to bring her enjoyment through some of the same things that I find happiness in.

    Since this is a geek blog, I only post things like this. Quite frankly, you wouldn’t give a crap if I bothered to tell you about the Disney Princess blanket I bought her a couple weeks agos. You probably would have grumbled about how I’m trying to force girlish stereotypes on her. 😛


  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    Serv – I agree. This Flash is hilarious looking. I think that’s why I like it so much.

    Steven – That’s not really Black Canary. She doesn’t have the thong.

    Todd – Exactly right.

    Rob – I’d love a Supergirl figure. Apparently they are discussing the possibility of a girl figure in this line, but nothing definite yet.

    Thanks again everyone! Even SGhoul! 🙂

  7. Good for you in mixing the geek stuff with the princess crapola. That’s well-rounded parenting! (For the record, my daughter will have to pry the Black Canary Barbie from my cold, dead hands.)

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