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Transformers: The Touch by Stan Bush

Do I really need to say anything else?


Music Review: LIGHTS debut album, The Listening

Music is not a frequent topic here at ONCE UPON A GEEK, however, the artist known as “LIGHTS” is a fellow geek and her music is definitely worth talking about.  She is a 22 year old up-and-coming musician who describes herself as, “a fairly small-sized, Canadian girl who makes intergalactic-electro music”.  Her style is very […]


Ghostbusters Beat-boxing

With Halloween rapidly approaching, enjoy this ghost-themed beat-boxing to help you get in the mood.  Dude, he did it in 14 part harmony.  Wow!  Bustin’ makes me feel good! If you can’t see the embedded video above, please click here. Thanks to my buddy Adam for tipping me off about this musical ditty.


… And You Thought Your Office Was Bad…

You ever have a lousy day at the office?  Just remember, it could be worse… By Jonathan Coulton


Ookla the Mok – Great Nerd Rock

The name ‘Ookla the Mok‘ may conjure images in your mind of Thundarr’s faithful sidekick.  However, it should make you think of great music!   I’ve posted here before about the band Ookla the Mok.  If you still haven’t tried them, you are really missing out.  If you enjoy the kinds of things I post here, […]


Imagination Movers… My Secret Confession

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?  Hi, my name is the Irredeemable Shag and I’m addicted to a kid’s TV show.  I’m not talking about typical geek-accepted kids shows like, ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ or ‘Clone Wars’.  This is a full-on Disney kid’s show called Imagination Movers.   It’s part of their preschool programming […]


Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’ Parody for Geeks!

Fun video about people like us. 


New Guns N’ Roses Album on Vinyl. Seriously?!?

So I’m walking along in Best Buy the other day and I come across a display rack for the just released (but criminally delayed) Guns N’ Roses album “Chinese Democracy”.  Back in the day I was a HUGE Guns N’ Roses fan.  Not just your typical, “I love Sweet Child O’ Mine” fan.  I knew […]


Radio-Free America

Somewhere around 2001, I gave up listening to the radio; pretty much I gave up on music at the same time.  Prior to that, I had been a regular listener to the radio.  In my youth, I was a real heavy metal/glam rock snob (only the best or most obscure bands for me, thank you […]


Funny song

Watch the YouTube video below for a really funny Aquaman song by Ookla the Mok.  By the way, that is the coolest name for a band ever!  The video is mostly made up of clips from the failed Aquaman TV show pilot, however, I’m all about the lyrics of the song. If you are unable […]

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