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Neil Gaiman’s Death (from Sandman) in non-Vertigo Comics

You’ve probably already heard, but Neil Gaiman’s Death (from Sandman) is scheduled to appear in the October issue of Action Comics.  This isn’t the first time Death has appeared in a superhero comic.  Here are two examples where Death appeared outside of the Vertigo line.  It hasn’t happened very often and it was long ago. […]


Comic Poster Gallery – JSA, Crisis, Flash, Green Lantern, Sandman, and more

Yesterday we featured quite a few DC Comics posters. Today we’ll finish up the tour of the DC posters. The next couple days will focus on Star Wars and other geeky posters.  Please feel free to share any of your favorite posters! Below is a World War II era poster of the Justice Society of […]


Neil Gaiman signed my one dollar bill

Some time in the early 1990s, I was fortunate enough to meet Neil Gaiman at DragonCon in Atlanta.  He was super-cool and was kind enough to really speak with the fans that were waiting in line for his autograph (not just the lip service some famous people provide). At one point I recall he halted […]


Sandman comic book advertisement – 1988

“A horror-edged fantasy, set in the DC Universe.” Wow.  The editorial staff that put this ad together had no idea where this comic was going to go, did they?


Neil Gaiman to write Doctor Who episode

Neil Gaiman has confirmed that he will be writing an episode of Doctor Who to air in 2011!  In an exclusive message to SFX Magazine he revealed that he is writing an episode for the second season of Matt Smith. I am totally jazzed about this!  While I haven’t read much of Gaiman’s stuff since […]

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